Kaarna Elk Leather

Our customers

Tiger of Sweden is a Stockholm-based fashion house with a heritage in tailoring. Established in 1903, Tiger of Sweden has stood for style with purpose for more than a century, dressing men and women for whom true style is about the confidence to be themselves. When it comes to leather products, Tiger of Sweden works closely with their suppliers to ensure that the materials are sourced from tanneries that are certified through the Leather Working Group whenever possible.

The story of Lovia originated with the desire to do things differently. Lovia is passionate about making the fashion world more sustainable, one trash-turned-into-treasure at a time. Lovia creates timeless design items out of excess materials recovered from other industries, practicing radical transparency and revealing every item’s carbon footprint, materials, makers and pricing structure. Lovia is striving to create a modern circular economy that knows no waste, only resources that go around in an endless cycle. Thanks to our shared ideology, Kaarna Elk Leather is the perfect material for selected Lovia items.

“Made in Finland” has been Miiko’s core value from the start. Miiko’s products are born out of love for the magical power of northern Nordic nature. Miiko makes their products from the best natural materials in Finland, and an appreciation of Finnish materials and a respect for nature are reflected in everything this Finnish design brand does. Because Miiko and Kaarna Elk Leather share the same values, it is only natural that Miiko makes elk leather bags out of Kaarna.

Even in our fast-moving times, some traditions have endured for centuries. Traditions like quality, craftsmanship and style are also what define our future. ROECKL is synonymous for the finest leather gloves, bags and other premium accessories. The luxurious feel of these pieces ensures that they quickly become everyday favourites.