Kaarna Elk Leather

Strong and buttery soft elk leather

Elk leather features an exceptional combination of the strength and durability of thick leather and the suppleness and pliability of soft leather, which is what makes it so exquisite to wear. Elk are wild animals hunted only to control the population, never for their skin. Kaarna Elk Leather is made exclusively from the hides of elk that have led a free and untamed life in the wild. It is a luxurious material that is exotic, ethical and enduring. That’s what makes it such a rare quantity.

World’s thickest soft leather

An elk’s fur must protect the animal from the elements in any weather, from winter frosts to summer heat, so it is highly insulating yet breathable. These qualities are also transferred to the tanned elk leather, which features an exceptional combination of thickness, softness, breathability and durability.

Every product made of elk leather has a unique look. Each tanned hide bears the marks of a life lived in the wild: for example, little scratches and nicks from when the animal rubbed itself against a tree to relieve an itch. Elk leather is not for the masses: it is for free spirits who boldly follow their own path in life.

Apparel and accessories made from elk leather last for decades.

Elk leather is soft and supple, and with the right care, it does not stretch or lose its shape. The strong and thick leather is resistant to wear and tear: it does not rip or scratch easily; it does not harden or crack over time; and it is not sensitive to humidity or grease.

With good care, elk leather lasts for generations and ages beautifully, developing a unique patina over time.

Thanks to its thickness, softness, breathability and durability, elk leather is in a league of its own when used in shoes and gloves. It is excellent for year-round use.

Sustainable leather for leather goods

We make Kaarna Elk Leather for the footwear, glove and bag industry around the world. Kaarna hides are available in various colours and thicknesses (0.8–4.0 mm).

The focus of our production is on a limited product palette and long production runs. This allows us to ensure a steady production capacity and excellent product quality. Our leathers will never be mass-produced: each hide we make is a unique natural product.

We are happy to put our generations-long experience in leather making in our customers’ service.

We know what to make from elk leather.

We work in close collaboration with our customers to meet the highest standards in elk leather products. This allows us to give the products the desired qualities and look, while also preserving the soft and natural feel of the leather.

You have to feel it to believe it

When you touch elk leather, you can feel its exquisite softness and breathability. It feels good, and it feels right.

When you wear elk leather, you can feel that you are wearing something luxurious yet entirely natural. You simply can’t help but value the comfort it creates.

We want Kaarna Elk Leather to strike a chord – to inspire a sense of luxury, safety and warmth – in those wearing it.

In our product development, we always pay close attention not just to the properties of the leather, but also to its feel. If a product does not feel buttery soft – in essence, doesn’t feel right – we discontinue it.

Rare material merits respect

The elk is a wild animal that cannot be domesticated or ranched. It is a highly valued game animal that is difficult to hunt. It has to be hunted to control the population and preserve the vitality of the species, but it is never hunted for its skin. This is why elk leather is such a precious and rare material.

We produce about 50,000 elk hides annually. We only use the very best hides to make Kaarna, but we waste nothing of our precious raw material: we tan all hides suitable for leather production and use everything else to make chew bones for dogs.

Natural is right

Sustainably produced genuine leather is a more ethical and ecological choice than synthetic leather. The life span of products made from real leather is much longer than that of products made from artificial leather.

Some of our Kaarna hides are vegetable-tanned. Combining the age-old craft of vegetable tanning with modern production planning and control has allowed us to reduce our ecological footprint. Our tannery is right next to the forests from which we source our raw materials, so protecting the environment is a matter we take very personally.

Kaarna Elk Leather is a natural, responsible and right choice. It is sense meeting sensibility. It is indeed the sensible choice.